Review: CHEW #25

Chew #25
Written by John Layman
Drawn by Rob Guillory
Release Date: April 4, 2012

I have never read an issue of Chew until this one. I was worried that, since it was a wrap-up to a story arc, I would be confused. I was totally confused; but never have I had more fun trying to figure something out in my life. From page 1, I was along for the ride, and happy to be there. The story is complex and fun, and the characters are constantly engaging to read.

Layman has created a vivid world of odd characters, that each fit perfectly in their own space, and speak clearly in their own voices. Layman does double duty as the letterer for the book as well, and his work in that regard is fantastic. He manages to have the lettering become an integral part of the story.

Upon first review, Guillory’s art seems questionable at best, but once you realize the depth of expression he brings to each character, you quickly change your mind. His art style fits the writing and story of the book perfectly, each character imbued with layer upon layer of visual cues. I had tons of fun scouring the random elements drawn into the backgrounds. Guillory also doubles as the colorist, and uses different colors to evoke moods, and to aid in the description of the script. It is rare to read a book that is as well put together as this one.

If putting a comic together is like building a puzzle, then this comic is one of the most finely crafted available today. My only issue with this book is that now I have to go back and find all the back-issues. Great work, and highly recommended.

Verdict: 8.5/10


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