Review: CLiNT Vol 2 #1

CLiNT VOL. 2 #1

Titan Publishing and Millarworld team for a mix of comic book stories and text pieces like the old-fashioned Annuals we’d sometimes see cross the ocean to us. Included are Mark Millar’s recent books Supercrooks #1 and The Secret Service #1, already well-known by American readers.

Written by Frankie Boyle
Art by Mike Dowling

11 pages of lovely art and a story that multiple reads has not helped decipher. I haven’t the foggiest what is going on here, perhaps a full issue would help. There’s a Watchmen reference that makes no sense, a sex scene without context and a pile of characters who may or may not be important later. The best I can say is that I am intrigued to see at least another story to find out if it’s a commentary on something or other, or if it’s just nonsense. The jury is out so far.

Written by Mont Ynero
Art by Mike Dowling

A disease that gives you super-powers but kills you in six months is at the centre of Death Sentence. We are briefly introduced to a few who have contracted the disease. A bit better suited to the brief format, Ynero sets up three characters that I am eager to get more of. This would make a great mini-series as we follow the path of very different people and how they deal with being the twice-as-bright candle. Dowling’s art is engaging and he has a style that reminds me of 90s Vertigo.  It is also only 11 pages, but the story is better constructed and doesn’t reach too far in such a brief serialized introduction.

Text pieces include up-coming Mark Millar movie news from the man himself, interviews Boyle & Dowling and a retrospective of Roman Dirge’s Lenore. Overall I like the format and with next month adding Hit Girl to the stories, it’s a good way to get one-stop shopping for all your Millar needs.

The Verdict 7.0/10, or 7.5/10 if you haven’t read Supercrooks or The Secret Service before.


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