Review: COBBLE HILL #1

COBBLE HILL #1 (of 5)
Written by Jeremy Holt
Art by Selena Goulding
Release date: March 20, 2013

cobblehillSamantha Charles is the type of teenager we all want our children to become: smart, academically successful, so well-adjusted she barely notices or cares about the popular kids… oh, and has inanimate objects sending her cryptic messages. Alright, that last part may not be something that parents wish for their children — especially considering the cause is linked to death of Samantha’s own parents, when she was a small child.

Jeremy Holt has crafted a world where you’re not sure if Samantha’s problems are mental or supernatural, and it adds to the mystery. Much of this issue is spent establishing the protagonist’s surroundings and daily life. This slower pace allows you to clearly understand how the dreams and messages from everyday items are disruptive to Samantha’s rather dull and normal world.

Adam Metcalfe’s blue and peach color scheme allows Selena Goulding’s art to shine as haunting and beautiful. The images seem to carry the same theme throughout the book that the story does: a mystery brewing in what everyone else sees as a boring world.

The unfolding of this book maybe too slow of a pace for some, however Samantha’s resolution at the end of this issue holds promise for more adventure ahead. Cobble Hill, while only available in digital format, is just $0.99 for 29 pages. Issue #2 is expected to be released this summer, in July.

Verdict: 8.0/10


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