Review: DANGER CLUB #2

Written by Landry Q. Walker
Art by Eric Jones
Release Date: May 16, 2012

After the stellar first issue, we start to see the real impact of the death of the heroes on our cast of sidekicks. After a brief flashforward to we don’t know how far down the road, we get two very different stories woven together. One is a giant robot fight and the other is our lead, Kid Vigilante, dealing with one of the more human elements of the hero world.

The story-telling in Kid Vigilante’s story is very good, but the battle sections don’t quite fit as counter-point. I was never entirely sure if that was important action or just something to keep the attention while a more talking-head story unfolded elsewhere. That said, the cast of characters is developing very quickly and the stakes of this hero universe are being established in interesting and challenging ways.

Jones art is clean and his characters expressive. Kid Vigilante grows as a character through quiet moments thanks to Jones’ art. The subtle change of style between the two running stories is quite clever and smooth.

We are seeing legacy characters without ever seeing (or needing to see) their predecessors. Danger Club is fast rising to the top of my reading pile as they tease the mystery of what happened in space.

The Verdict 8.5/10

Keith is co-host of the podcast We Talk Comics.


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