Written by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher
Art by Mingjue Helen Chen
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: May 20, 2015

Maps recites her newest homework assignment for Olive: A poem about the supernatural adventures (both imagined and real) of Gotham Academy!

I totally wanted to write my review in verse. But as good as my writing, my rhymes are worse.

Sorry, sorry.

But not sorry about this sneak peek, giving us an inside look at Maps’ sheer enthusiasm for the adventures she and her friends have (both real and imagined) in Gotham Academy. Having a character like Maps at the center of this book is a great balance to Olive’s more pensive demeanor. But then taking that and amping it to 11? Adorable.

Cloonan and Fletcher have developed an amazing cast of original characters that capture your heart from page one. Every last one feels real and thoughtful and defy stereotypical roles in high school dramas. There’s no bland jock or unapproachable goth or brainless cheerleader, but there are jocks, goths, and — presumably — cheerleaders that are well developed and complex. Like us.

Helen Chen jumps in for this and next month’s issue to bring us the team-up we never knew we wanted more than anything else ever: Maps and Robin. In the meantime, this fantasy tale birthed full on out of Map’s brain is a fun, light, and funny romp capitalizing on Chen’s amazing animation chops. This is a great way to run through the characters in the book and set us all up for the book’s second arc.

Gotham Academy is waiting for you. And we’re taking attendance.

The Verdict: PULL LIST (duh)



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