Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 7, 2015

Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo usher in a new era for Doctor Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme gets his first ongoing series in a fair while.

Aaron and Bachalo use this first issue to show some of the sorts of things Stephen Strange deals with as the mystical protector of the universe, giving new readers a solid base to work with for the character. Aaron writes the character well, with some of the arrogance of a Tony Stark, but its own flavour. Strange is a mystical surgeon, healing the most unique of patients in ways that are mind boggling and visually astounding. Aaron makes this character accessible without dumbing what he does down, and puts a lot more humour in here than I expected to find. Strange can be a bit of an asshole, and Aaron doesn’t shy away from that, which I appreciated.

The story itself is very much an introduction, but it didn’t feel like a full on retelling of an origin. Aaron is building toward something and plants seeds of a mystical maelstrom that is on its way to this universe…and it’s hungry. He uses the right elements to make the issue friendly for all readers looking to dive into the mystical realms of Doctor Strange, and that is no easy feat. This is probably the most relate-able we’ve seen the character in a very long time.

Chris Bachalo’s work on this issue really helps sell the weird world Strange works in. He and Aaron gel nicely from their time on Wolverine And The X-Men, and the story is very cohesive with the artwork. Bachalo dials back some of the crazy at the right points for some poignant shots of Strange doing some bizarre, yet simple things and I really enjoyed his work with this character and issue. Bachalo’s work on the issue immediately differentiates this comic from all others on the shelf and I am curious to see what he does with upcoming issues and what is coming.

Doctor Strange #1 is a solid start for what could be a very interesting series. Aaron and Bachalo are certainly not new to this comic-makin’ game and this character has more than enough depth to hold his own in an ongoing capacity. Let the weird come, I want to see where this pair goes with this book.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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