Review: DOOM PATROL #2


Written by Gerard Way
Art by Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain
Published by DC Comics/Young Animal
Release Date: October 12, 2016

Way’s imprint Young Animal is doing wonders in bringing back strange and lesser known titles in the DC Universe, harkening back to feelings I remember having when reading Vertigo in the past. While his eclectic imprint is spicing up DC’s lineup, the flagship series he’s writing for the imprint started all this weirdness out well and is continuing to do so. A mysterious force is using Casey Brinke to get the band back together in this issue of Doom Patrol!

Way’s writing is fantastic. There’s this great understanding of quirk that he brings to Doom Patrol that breathes new life into a series that could have gone extremely dark. His choices in characters, especially a certain one who has a somewhat infamous legal battle that stopped said character’s comics from being in print for quite a number of years, are just spot on. I love that a particularly lesser-known Doom Patrol character is at the heart of the arc that Way has started and I love Way’s use of that character. My favorite scene written in this issue is probably the scene where two important Doom Patrol members most people will know from either reading past Doom Patrol iterations or watching the old Teen Titans cartoon reunite. The “Why’d you get to be handsome” line was perfect.

Without the art by Derington, this comic would not have the same feeling. Derington’s choices allow this comic to read lighter and slightly goofier even in serious situations. Scenes like a flashback in the beginning of the issue to come off more as dark humor than a terrible incident. In addition to Tamra Bonvillain’s coloring, the world is much brighter than most iterations of Doom Patrol, which is an unexpected but well done choice on the team’s part.

My favorite scene in Negative World: Brick by Brick 2 is probably the scene where Robotman fights a certain group of fast food making beings. Every time Robotman punches one of the creatures, there’s a sort of old TV line effect around the punch area. The lettering by Todd Klein works perfectly. Just the movement you can almost see through Robotman’s attacks is mystifying. All of Robotman’s lines in the scene are spectacular as well.

I think I’ve said this before, but if you’re not reading everything in the Young Animal imprint, what are you doing with your life? Stop what you’re doing. Go to a comic book store or onto comixology or however you get your comics. Buy everything by the Young Animal imprint and read it. How have you not already? As the Shia LeBeauf gif would say, DO IT!

The Verdict: 10/10


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