Written by, Jody Houser
Art by Stephen Segovia, Barry Kitson, Ulises Arreola, and Dave Sharpe
Published by Valiant Entertainment
Release date: July 26, 2017

There is some bootstrap paradox hijinks that ensue in the life of nerd reference queen, Faith Herbert. After the last arc, Faith was left unable to take on her Zephyr superhero identity. If you missed the whys and hows you can go back and read it, but it’s not necessary to understand this tale.

Within a few panels Houser’s exposition wastes no space to push the story forward. As usual, Faith’s story is littered with references to science fiction properties, relevant to the story.

The story flirts with the debate about Adolf Hitler and time travel. There is an implication he was taken out, which ruptured time, but does not overtly spell this out. This might leave an uneasy feeling for some readers, and seems to capitalize on what has only ever been a problematic philosophical debate point.

The creative team has art with depth and colors that provide lots of vibrancy to the story. One detail, that sticks out, is the similarity between the faces of the women at the beginning of the story. While the actual facial frame shapes vary, all the eyebrows, eyes and mouths feel a little cookie cutter.

Motion lines, key detail lines for brush and foliage as well as wonderful color work help to create clean background that do not fight the figures, yet still provide dimension. Key characters breaking across gutters and overplayed panels help to increase the pacing for expositional discussions between characters.

Along with casual references to geek culture properties, the creative team plays with and mixes various ideas behind cloaking technology. From a TARDIS perception filter to individual holographic cloaks there are lots of ideas blended. It’s all used to challenge the idea of people only seeing what they want to see. This nice touch that helps elevate the story.

Of course it wouldn’t be a complicated time travel story without a double back that shifts everything. Whether this will create a paradox that later comes into play is still yet to be seen. Hopefully it’s not glossed over or ignored.

Fans of Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, Star Trek and other time traveling properties will feel right at home with this adventure. Part of me wants to see how far the creative team pushes the twists, turns and double backs. Another part of me is just looking forward to the fun, chuckle-worthy one liners.

One more wishlist item is that this story is able to help move Faith past her “wanted” criminal status. Either way it’s time to jump into the vortex and see where the next issue takes us.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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