Review: FATALE #2

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Sean Phillips
Release Date: February 1, 2012

Mr. Brubaker and Mr. Phillips, I believe you have struck gold yet again. Fatale #2 had a very difficult job keeping the eerie tension and intrigue up while not fully giving away the farm and Brubaker has completed this masterfully. This comic is simply fantastic and while it’s pacing may be considered a bit slow for some thrill seekers, I think the majority of readers will prefer to look at this issue as the slow preparation of a delicacy. Ed Brubaker is taking his time letting this story unfold and the deeper we are sucked into the world of Fatale the more I cannot look away. The dialogue in this issue flows effortlessly and this comic could be used as a textbook on how to slowly and effectively unfold a story. Even though it has been a month since I read Fatale #1 the first page of issue #2 pulled me right back into this creepy world of corruption and crime and wouldn’t let go. This issue is storytelling at it’s absolute best and any comic reader should be finding room in the Wednesday budget to grab a copy of this comic. You will not be disappointed.

Sean Phillips, as has come to be expected, provides fantastic art in this issue. This is a noir, so darkness and shadows take on a whole new role in the artwork and Phillips uses them brilliantly. This issue is as visually engaging as the story and Phillips is in the zone right now.

This tandem is quite possibly the strongest pair in the world of creator owned comics. Fatale is an excellent example of what two creator owned comics can be.

Pros: Masterfully crafted, eerie tale that is getting stronger by the page.

Cons: The driving force of the first issue felt like it was dialled down mildly, but that is an exceedingly minor quibble.

Verdict: 10/10


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