Written by Geoff Johns
Art by David Finch, Richard Friend
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: October 2, 2013

Forever-Evil-2-final-cover-David-Finch-Crime-Syndicate-vs-Teen-TitansOh Geoff Johns, you evil man, you. After a month of nothing but villains, part of me was worried I’d be burnt out by the time Forever Evil #2 came out. Geoff Johns and his expert handling of these characters proved to me that I had a lot of evil left in me to read when the bad guys are written this damn well.

Johns’ Crime Syndicate are absolutely fantastic to read. Johns does an excellent job of presenting these characters in a manner that we immediately know who these characters are shadows of, but with voices that are completely distinct and unique. These characters are stone cold evil and reading them blaze through the DC Universe is bizarrely spellbinding – this is an event you simply cannot look away from, even if you want to. Johnny Quick, Ultraman, Owlman and the rest of the Syndicate are slowly being explored by Johns, with crucial information about each unfurling as the issue progresses. These characters are not simply the evil mirror images of the heroes we know and love, they have their own stories, secrets and issues to deal with and Johns has me locked in on their every move. He writes these characters in a manner that is fascinating, and I simply have to know more. The tension between the members themselves and the alluded to conflicts that are brewing with characters in the DC Universe have this series primed to explode and Johns builds that tension like a maestro playing with marionettes. Add in a glimpse at what Lex Luthor has brewing as well as a very surprising final page and readers are treated to yet another solid event comic from Geoff Johns.

Complementing the strong script from Geoff Johns is David Finch’s best artwork during his time in the New 52. Much of his DC work has been gritty but his work with Richard Friend in this issue is sharp and crisp. His strong artwork allows the subtle variances of these characters to really shine through, and his Johnny Quick, for example, is fantastically devious and evil. These characters explode off the page and Finch’s work in this issue proves why he can be considered A-list.

Forever Evil #2 is a strong showing by two of DC’s top dogs. Geoff Johns is building a strong story with great characterization and some intense action. This comic provides a great bookend to Villains Month and drives the event forward very well. No matter your opinion of Villains Month, Forever Evil is definitely worth checking out.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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