Written by George Perez
Art by George Perez
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release Date: September 17, 2014

Artist extraordinaire George Perez launches a brand new creator-owned title AND team book with Sirens, the tale of spectacular women across time joining together to protect against evil in the future. Women who are legends in their own time are now called back to fight the threat of Perdition, and its top enforcer Niada — who was responsible for the death of Sirens come before! Was it these women she killed, or another group? Time will tell.

After decades of work on corporate properties — with breaks to do original work outside few and far between — it’s very curious to see what can arise from the completely unfettered brain of the master George Perez. It’s no wonder that after a career of illustrating (and creating) some of the most well-thought out and rendered women in comics, Perez would set his sights on building a team of his own.

And it doesn’t look like he’s being shy with their numbers either! Issue #1 does introduce a lot of new characters and scenarios, but Perez takes great care to give each women who is a part of the Sirens her own grounding in a home environment and narrative. The genres and backgrounds run the gamut across almost everything we’ve seen in comics to date (and even a few we haven’t) — from western and Chinese dynasty to Teutonic and space exploration. What’s at the core of each woman is a heroism before they arrive on the team, and that’s a distinction that makes each character seem much more well-rounded.

Perez’s pencils are as wild and deeply engrossing as you would expect, giving us mile-a-minute art you could spend hours pouring over. Each woman has a very distinctive facial structure and personality that comes through in shape and angle, as the artist has shown with his work, most similarly on Wonder Woman and New Teen Titans. These aren’t Barbie dolls made up to look like super-heroes, but real women who dress appropriate to their worlds (with at least one not dressed at all), and none of them left feeling like a gratuitous effort (even the naked one!).

The comic is packed, and if there is a fault, it lies in how much is thrown at the reader without extrapolation up front. The divergent home-times of all the characters are well depicted, but their juxtaposition with the central story frame — that of an adventure in the future (?) in outer space — leaves me a little bit boggled as to how and why they all arrived, if they had been there before, and what exactly the nature of the threat is. I do believe all the hints are in here, and I’m certainly intrigued enough to come back and see them all play out, however.

A really beautifully rendered first issue for any reader looking to indulge the classic fantasy hero story many of us grew up on, Sirens #1 is the start of a new set of adventures for George Perez. I, for one, couldn’t imagine not going along for the ride.

The Verdict: 8.0/10



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