Written by Ryan Browne
Art by Ryan Browne and Jordan Boyd
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: September 3, 2014

This book is the crap in a hand basket that leaves you scratching your head while you’re simultaneously laughing.

The over the top and inane premise of an anthropomorphic intergalactic space society (say that three times fast) constantly at battle with zealous, human farmers, of Earth, heaven-bent on reaching their golden destiny in space, continues from the original series. If I’ve lost you, don’t worry. A substantial portion of this issue is spent on not only making you do spit-takes of laughter, but on hilariously depressing premises, recapped in fully colorful exposition, from the previous volume.

Also, there is cursing. Funny, laughing your *&% off, uncensored cursing.

At this point there could be discussion of Browne’s detailed and heavily inked without being overly shadowed art that is rendered to three dimensional life by Jordan Boyd’s colors. We could discuss the layers of commentary about religion, politics, regional and class relationships within society and the analysis of the nature of superhero comics. We could talk about the denunciation of science-fiction leaps in logic and it’s use in telling the love tale of bestiality and … wait yeah, no. Just stop, you’ve got a guy in love with a chicken. I think we can just move on from there.

This is a book where someone can read it multiple times on multiple levels.  So that if you’re just that tired you don’t have to think about the subtext. Just laugh at the obscurity. However, it’s always there waiting for you just beneath the crud-layered surface waiting when you’re ready to go a little deeper. To summarize: it’s funny, it has multiple layers of commentary that you can explore or ignore, it has animals who act as humans in a space based universe and you’ve got crazy farmers looking to get to a moon heaven. Did I mention it is funny?

If bad books are car accidents you cannot look away from, this is the traumatizing story that will send you to the madhouse, giggling with glee the whole way.

The Verdict: 8.9994321/10

(For those who cannot handle the rounding just go ahead and deal with a 9.0/10)



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