Review: GREEN ARROW #11


Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Juan Ferreyra
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: November 16, 2016

An assassin! A bullet train! World peace at stake! Just another day for Green Arrow, Black Canary and Diggle.

Benjamin Percy has done a great job of turning Green Arrow into a James Bond/Mission: Impossible style title in the DCU. While the comic has a team vibe with Arrow, Canary and Diggle thrown into high octane situation after high octane situation, these past few issues have very much had a Connery-era Bond feeling to them. I say this as a compliment, as I love the style and I think it fits these characters perfectly. Percy has got the right level of quips mixed with explosions and these heroes are grand enough to carry action filled storylines like this but still have some heart in there.

The relationship between Ollie and Dinah is delightful by Percy’s hand, and I like how he integrates her powers into this story. These two characters have a great bond and I like how Percy isn’t bashing readers in the face with it, but rather letting his skilled artists show how close they are with body language, smirks and the like. He does a great job of making Diggle have his own voice and not be an awkward third wheel, and the trio are very entertaining.

The events of the issue are full throttle explosive fun. This mini-arc within the larger arc has been a riot and Percy executes the pacing of this well. The issue ends as a perfect slamming on the brakes of this runaway train and I think there are fun things in store for Green Arrow.

Juan Ferrerya handles all facets of the art in this issue, and he does an excellent job with the action packed nature of the story. His work is constantly infused with the stress of the speeding train and I felt like I was reading on the edge of my seat at all points. Ferreyra’s visuals are the comics equivalent of a big screen adventure thriller, and it makes this issue work. I loved how he used blank space to heighten tension and the final page put a huge smile on my face. His work set an amazing tone for this issue and mini-arc, and when he comes back into the Green Arrow rotation I will be a happy camper.

Green Arrow #11 is a thrill ride of an issue that is as entertaining as any good Hollywood summer blockbuster. Percy and Ferreyra are a great team and their collaboration here is rock solid. This is one of the best comics DC is putting out right now, and it is a great time to be a Green Arrow fan.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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