Review: GREEN ARROW #13

Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Otto Schmidt
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: December 21, 2016

Oh, how the mess keeps getting messier…

Another issue of Green Arrow, and I’m as entertained as ever. Percy and Schmidt deliver an action packed issue that entrenches Ollie even deeper in the frame job and shows just how messy everything is as a perfect storm of occurrences come together to reek havoc on Ollie and Seattle.

Percy doesn’t hide what he thinks of authoritarian regimes in this one, giving readers an as-large-as-life-Trump-esque politician and right-wing violent organizations looking to use this fool as a puppet to control the people of Seattle. He mirrors reality well while also making this continue to feel like a comic set in the DC Universe, where people like Ollie and Dinah can be there slinging arrows and screaming vengeance at those who do wrong. Not gonna lie, it made me want for some Ollies and Dinahs in today’s world.

ANYWAY. This issue is paced brilliantly by Percy and Schmidt, with the frame plot details dropping at all the right points to induce maximum tension. Percy’s dialogue hints at an extremely naive Ollie at several points and the panel pacing Schmidt uses to build to the conclusion does a great job of showcasing that this threat has totally caught Ollie unawares. He’s not ready for this one at all, and that makes for interesting comics.

Percy’s banter between Ollie and Dinah is fantastic, and the way he handles the political blowhard is very entertaining. Diggle adds a lot whenever he’s in a panel, and I like how Percy is maintaining the strength of the ensemble cast. I really like his take on these characters and that continued throughout this issue.

Otto Schmidt’s artwork is rock solid from start to finish. There is a connection between Ollie and Dinah that is ever present in his pencils in this issue, that their bond is growing closer the more they spend time together and that is fully reflected in the art. He keeps things dynamic throughout the issue with interesting layouts and strong colour work, leading to one of the strongest issues he has penciled and coloured in the series thus far.

Green Arrow keeps delivering and #13 is a great chapter in one of the strongest comics to come from DC’s Rebirth. Percy and Schmidt are locked in with this story and I’m very intrigued to see where this frame job goes. Ollie’s off balance and that’s a good thing with this team telling the story.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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