Written by Van Jensen, Robert Venditti
Art by Bernard Chang
Release Date: June 12, 2013

3102931-glcor-cv21-ds-6fdccThe Green Lantern Corps storms into the post Johns/Tomasi era with issue #21 and the rings of the Corps haven’t shone this brightly in quite awhile…

Robert Venditti co-plots with scripter Van Jensen for this issue, which marks the debut of Jensen in the New 52. From the outset, Jensen’s dialogue is spot on, nailing John Stewart’s voice and hitting all the right subtle points in his relationship with Fatality. I was given immediate comfort with his handling of Stewart, who has a strong voice and will be a great lead character in this title. Jensen’s strong dialogue continues to Oa and the other members of the Corps as he deals with the complex situation left by the events of Green Lantern #20. Oa, and the Corps in general, are in great flux right now and Jensen does a great job evoking that sense of uncertainty amongst some veteran Corps members. He and Venditti also takes a critical action for the future of this title and bring new members into the fold. Green Lantern Corps is never better than when rookies and vets are standing side by side to face a threat, and Jensen & Venditti are wasting no time bolstering the ranks of the GLC. One of the new cadets’ situation struck me immediately, and I was surprised at how quickly I bonded to some of these new characters. We’re one issue in and I have to know what happens to them. That is the sign of a well written book, and Green Lantern Corps #21 is just that.

With respect to visuals, Bernard Chang brings it, y’all. The former Demon Knights artist wasn’t most likely seen by enough eyes on that title, but he more than handles this higher profile assignment. His pencils are sharp, and his style suits this script very well. Chang handles large casts very well and makes the diversity of the characters in the title look like it was child’s play to pencil. Most importantly, he pencils a fantastic John Stewart, and if the main character in a book looks as great as Stewart does in GLC, all is well with the book.

I had high hopes for Green Lantern Corps #21 and the creative team blew them away. Jensen, Venditti and Chang appear to be on the outset of what will hopefully be a stellar run to rival that of their predecessors. Anyone doubting the Green Lantern line post Johns/Tomasi, look no further than Green Lantern Corps #21 to cast aside your doubts.

Verdict: 9.0/10


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