Review: GUARDIANS 3000 #4

GUARD30002014004_DC11GUARDIANS 3000 #4
Written by Dan Abnett
Art by Gerardo Sandoval
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 14, 2015

The…other Guardians (original Guardians?) take on more A-Sentience bots while attempting to figure out this time anomaly in the loads-o-fun space romp that is Guardians 3000 #4.

Dan Abnett has built another charming space crew of misfits, assembling a band that many readers do not know at all and giving them distinct personalities in the Marvel Universe. This team is straight up fun to read and it is obvious that Abnett is having fun with these characters in this series. The banter between teammates is entertaining and quite charming, in the manner that this team knows each other and actually cares about each other, and with each issue Abnett is bringing readers deeper into the mind of one of the crew in a solid way. The issue opens with a look at Vance Astro which highlights some of why the leader is the way he is, and the threads he starts in that segment weave themselves through the issue very nicely. His Peter Quill is as charming as the vagabond viewers fell in love with on the big screen, and Charlie-27 is the lovable bruiser that everyone likes to root for. Hell, even the antagonists in this issue have a ton of personality for sentient robots, and the reveals that occur in the latter half of the issue only give me hope for even more fun down the road. Abnett is doing a great job of capturing the heart and spirit associated with the words “Guardians of the Galaxy” and applying it to a whole new crew, showing that time can pass, but just as the Avengers are forever, there will always be a band of misfits to save the galaxy.

Gerardo Sandoval’s art style exudes fun, not to say that his action sequences are a joke by any means, but his cartoon-ish pencils give this comic a ton of energy. His stylized angles and facial work highlight the personalities of each character and his exaggerated anatomy makes characters like Charlie-27 leap from the page (though his exaggerated anatomy did appear to be over the top with one new cast member in the issue). His artwork matches Abnett’s script perfectly and the words and artwork combine to set a tone that has a lot of heart and is a ton of fun to read. The visuals in this issue are bold and dynamic, and Sandoval and Abnett seem to work very well together to create a total package of space-faring adventure.

Guardians 3000 #4 is another entertaining chapter featuring a solid story, some great action and really fun characters. This is a good ol’ fashioned space adventure that will keep you smiling with its sharp dialogue and big action and I hope this book takes off because it is a great addition to the Marvel Cosmic line.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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    Are we sure that’s Peter? or just his descendant.