Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Ed McGuinness
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 24, 2014

The action in the Cancerverse gets even wilder as Star-Lord continues to recount just what the hell happened to Richard Rider, the original Nova….

Bendis and McGuinness bring the thunder in this one, giving readers an action packed brawl in the Cancerverse that highlights everything that is wild and crazy and awesome about Marvel Cosmic comics. Damn near anything can happen in this comic line, and this issue of Guardians does a great job of showing that. Bendis gives readers new and old a look at the wild Cancerverse and how nothing in this world is predictable or understandable…and how everything is a war from the moment Quill, Rider, and Thanos set foot in there. Bendis does a great job with the dialogue in this comic, with the cunning and brilliant Thanos actually acting as the narrator in a sense, the only one of the crew that can make sense of their situation. Rider and Quill continue to have great banter and Bendis acknowledges how much fun it is to have Rich Rider in a comic again. There are some solid “Nova moments” in this issue that will have long time fans happy, and Bendis continues to entertain with the interrogation of Peter Quill by Gamora. She’s tough as nails and it shows in her appearances in this issue as she continues to ask the questions many have waited a long time to have answered. This is a middle chapter in this mini-event looking back to the events in the Cancerverse, so readers looking for resolution won’t find it in this one, but if you’re looking for a fun action romp outside of this galaxy, Bendis is giving it to you here.

Ed McGuinness cuts loose in this one, throwing down some fantastic action panels and showcasing the raw power of Thanos, the Revengers, and Drax in this issue. McGuinness handles the interrogation scenes as well as he does the action and he frames the big moments perfectly. This comic is extremely easy on the eyes and sometimes it is just a ton of fun to read a well penciled space brawl. McGuinness gives readers just that, and the colour work by Jason Keith takes his pencils and gives them just the right amount of punch. Even with four inkers working on the book, the artwork is solid from start to finish and, if this is the end of Rich Rider, it is obvious that Bendis and McGuinness are going to send him out in one explosive finish.

Guardians of the Galaxy #19 is a rock solid action romp that fans of Rich Rider and Star-Lord will enjoy a lot. This look back at the Cancerverse has been an entertaining trip down memory lane and this story only becomes more interesting as more details come to light. Who knew trapping Star-Lord, Nova, Thanos and Drax in a twisted alternate reality could yield such entertaining results…

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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  1. Ghost said:

    I think Bendis didn’t really read Thanos Imperative. This was such a hackjob.

  2. Batman said:

    Clearly, its very sad, marvel had died, the cosmic cube had been nearly depleted and the revengers died along with the many angled ones because death had returned to kill the dying cancerverse. And they need to make up their minds on quills hair.

  3. dowla said:

    This was so bad, they can’t make out their minds about the shape of captain america’s shield, and lets not talk about the the shield cutting novas had off, that was so stupid. This has nothing to do with thanos imperative, the scarlet which for example, the black spider which ronan killed,