Review: HARDCORE #1

Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Brian Stelfreeze
Release Date: May 16, 2012

Created by Marc Silvestri and Robert Kirkman, Hardcore is a comic that was originally supposed to be part of Pilot Season two years ago, but for whatever reason is here with us now. It was worth the wait, and hopefully coupled with Kirkman’s success, it attracts a few more potential readers to the shops.

Robert Kirkman is trying really hard to earn the title of ‘hardest working man in show-business’, it is incredible that he can manage to as much as he does on a monthly basis and still maintain the quality. Kirkman has always had a great ear for dialogue, and this book is no exception. I love his willingness to write any type of story, and especially the desire to write good comic books.

Brian Stelfreeze is a veteran comic artist, and he does a really nice job with the art on the book. His angular style is very fitting of the way the characters are written, and each one is distinct in their own way. There are no tricks here, just good solid pencils, inking, and coloring all working together to create interesting pages.

Hardcore is a really engaging sci-fi, action story. Even though the book tends toward the predictable, the twist at the end is excellent, and really drives the desire to read the next issue. This is a series that definitely makes me want to finish the story, but I currently don’t see how it will live on past the first storyline. I hope the initial arc doesn’t get drawn out too much, but overall, an excellent first issue. Recommended.

Verdict: 8.5/10


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