Review: HAWKEYE #6

Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Michael Walsh, Jordie Bellaire
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 3, 2017

Dragons! Arrows! Jessica Jones! Oh, my!

Hawkeye #6 wraps Kate’s latest case, a missing-persons team-up with the most famous P.I. in the Marvel U, Jessica Jones. The chemistry between the two characters is fantastic and Thompson has a great handle on what makes these characters tick. There’s a Kate/Clint mentorship-from-someone-who-doesn’t-have-it-all-together vibe between the characters, and zero animosity or hostility, which makes for a fun read. I don’t know how else to say it: this comic has moxie.

Thompson’s dialogue is fantastic, and the way this issue is paced kept the mystery going and kept me intrigued. The quip-a-minute banter keeps the issue light and hilarious without being over the top or annoying, which is a tricky balance that Thompson hits perfectly. This is a fantastically written comic featuring a great cast and a unique lead that deserves to be a powerhouse in the world of comics.

The pencil work is not always on point, but the story gets told and the message gets across. Walsh’s strength in this issue is conveying the personality of the characters and delivering the humour, which he achieves at all points. His style fits in line with the tone of the series that was set by Leonardo Romero, and helps solidify the visual personality of West Coast Kate. The issue closes on the most inconsistent work, which killed momentum a bit, but at no point is this comic derailed.

Jordie Bellaire’s colour work is exceptional, as always. Her work defines this series as much as the dialogue for me, and there is not a single panel where the colours do not enhance storytelling. She is a modern day master and we get to experience her fabulous work each month, which is a gift.

Hawkeye #6 is an entertaining read in what has been a string of great issues in this young series. Thompson has a wonderful handle on the characters, Walsh captures their personalities well and Bellaire immerses the readers into Kate’s world with colour work that captures your attention and doesn’t let it go. Check this comic out, you won’t be disappointed.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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