Review: HELL YEAH #2

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Andre Szymanowicz
Released April 4, 2012

Ben is back and this issue got a bit muddy. Any time you mix in alternate universes you had better be prepared for headaches and nosebleeds as the reader tries to keep it all straight. Keatinge is telling a few different stories using the same characters and I find it a bit hard to follow still. However, he is starting to get the pieces together and set up why all of this matters to the book.

I like Szymanowicz style, but in a book that is all about dopplegangers I could use a bit more help keeping all of the female characters straight. Perhaps that’s a choice to keep me off-balance, but I’ve had some struggle to in both issues so far. Again the opening action bit was quite fun and well-done with a terrfic two-page credits splash to kick off the story. The color by Jason Lewis adds so much to the feel of the book. The bright vibrant look makes the art pop and helps inform the reader when we are switching from reality to reality.

I’m still on board with Hell Yeah, and Keatinge has kept me interested in what he has planned. This is more a sci-fi book than a super-hero book and I want to stay with what he’s playing with. This is the second issue in which his final twist had me thinking “what is going on here?” and that’s a question that gets me picking up next month.

Verdict: 7.0/10

Keith is the co-host of the podcast We Talk Comics.


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