BOOMBOX_Help_Us_Great_Warrior_002_A_MainHELP US! GREAT WARRIOR #2
Written by Madeleine Flores
Art by Madeleine Flores, Trillian Gunn
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release Date: March 11, 2015

Based on Flores’ much loved web comic of the same name, issue 2 of Help Us! Great Warrior is as cute and fun as longtime fans would expect.

Opening with an attack that leads to the destruction of the village, Great Warrior is tasked with not only protecting her people but closing the portal to Demonside. A quest she seems somewhat reticent to embark upon. With the support of Hadiyah and her mace-wielding best friend Leo, we watch as Great Warrior fights to overcome the demons and her own self-doubt.

Funny and engaging, Flores creates humor while tackling larger issues such as matters of self-esteem all while remaining enjoyable and accessible. It is clear that she knows her characters inside and out as she imbues each with their own unique voice and attitude. Flores has more than taken the transition from 4 panels to 22 pages in her stride and it has paid off as she expands the world of Great Warrior to great effect.

Flores artwork is so delightful that it’s difficult to even look at this book without smiling. Her character design is wonderful. Great Warrior and the villagers are just precious and the 2 human characters, Hadiyah and Leo, are more diverse than some titles entire cast. Every line is soft but not so much as to make them appear delicate. The addition of colour from Trillian Gunn bring the whole book to life with a pastel colored palette that is perfectly in keeping with the tone set by Flores.

Help Us! Great Warrior is just too cute. It makes a great addition to BOOMs female focused, all age’s selection and fans of Bee and Puppycat are going eat this up and then start a weird online petition to get an animated series and that’s totally okay with me.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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