Review: HEX11 #8


HEX11 #8
Written by Kelly Sue Milano
Art by Lisa K. Weber
Published by Hex Comix
Available here:

Something about the incident that crowned Elanor the Hellion has changed the world in ways she herself could have never imagined. With the balance of power changing for Booth and a mysterious being grabbing Elanor into the Verge, who knows what will happen next?

Milano delivers another fantastic issue of Hex11, building more on Elanor and Booth’s characters as both are impacted by their past. She keeps the reader on edge with her great ability to feed small tidbits of the mystery at a slow pace. The best work from her this issue is definitely between Elanor and a certain person who is quite important to shaping who Elanor is. The interactions with this certain person make the reader wonder if what Osrick said last issue was true or if Elanor could possibly trust this person.

Weber does a spectacular job as well. She has a wonderful knack when it comes to backgrounds and splash pages that I truly love. My favorite panel she draws is the one where Booth holds an unconscious Elanor in his arms. The scene looks grim, the room darkening as Osrick’s import spell commences. The flares of magic that come off of him as well as the way he looks up, as if holding his breath, make him seem like an angel who flew down to earth, here to save the Hellion. It’s a beautiful splash.

Overall, Hex11 is a compelling story. A lot of the world is still shrouded in mystery, so there are a lot of juicy world building moments that will probably come soon enough. The mystery surrounding the Verge, demons, and ether itself is extremely intriguing and keeps the reader wanting for more. The aftermath of the events of the first arc are playing out through these recent issues and I’m excited to see what else is in store. I highly recommend this series.

The Verdict: 9.5/10