Review: INFINITY #3

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 18, 2013

INFINITY2013003_DC11_LR_Page1Storylines from the first half of this event come to a head as Infinity #3 erupts and Jonathan Hickman blows up much of the Marvel Universe.

Infinity picks up a lot of steam in issue #3 as a ton of plot threads that have been brimming explode with full force. I say explode because that is literally what goes down in this comic, an issue with more explosions that Michael Bay ever thought he could get in a film. The action is intense in this issue and with all the tension that has been mounting for the past several issues, very welcomed. The event is moving into a second phase and to read it progress there with all the crashing and exploding readers could ever want is quite a treat. Hickman pulls out all the stops with this one, giving Opena & Weaver room to move and dazzle readers with their skilled work, and while this does make the story feel a little thin in places, seeing the payoff of these long planted seeds more than makes up for it. Hickman does an excellent job in this issue of not holding readers’ hands. He lets events speak for themselves, and intelligent readers will know full well what many of the moments and turning points in this issue mean. Letting these moments simply erupt and allowing Opena and Weaver do the storytelling through the artwork gives them an immense amount of weight which is perfect, considering what is occurring. This issue, more than any of the rest in the series so far, ends on a note that will make readers crave the next issue. There have been great final page reveals in this series but this one trumps them all, and Hickman builds the story to that moment beautifully.

And the reason several moments in this issue soar is the fantastic work of Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver. Focusing on separate halves of the event, each delivers spectacular action, strong character moments and explosions that are simply fantastic. Opena’s cosmic work is immensely grand in scope, with an amazing attention to detail that shows how dire the situation against the Builders is. Above and beyond the big fiery action, his facial work is so precise that a look between two old friends can speak a thousand words and instill hope in a group that has been beaten down by forces beyond what they have ever faced before. Weaver’s focus on the Inhuman/Earth side of the equation highlights his ability to pencil raw emotion and have it leap off of the page. His characters exude immense amounts of strength and will, and you have no choice but to believe this will be one of the most epic battles in the history of the Marvel Universe. Madness, fear, arrogance and immeasurable power radiate from his pencils and Weaver proves he is up to the challenge of penciling some of the more destructive scenes I have witnessed in a Marvel comic. This art is, quite simply, top tier. These two pencilers are in the upper echelons of talent in the entire industry and they showed why in Infinity #3.

This explosive comic features the culmination of many events and strikes up dozens of more paths for Hickman to go down. This issue makes the event as a whole even larger than it has been and the powder keg of tension that Hickman has been building has finally exploded. Opena and Weaver match his script beat for beat and do an admirable job delivering the huge events he is unleashing upon the Marvel Universe. While the content may seem thin at points due to the huge visuals being thrown at readers, I dare you to read the next page and not continue this series.

Verdict: 9.5/10


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One Comment;

  1. Scott Gregson said:

    Not even the Thanos smile at the end of Issue #1 can match the moment at the end of #3. Just… dare I say it… epic.