Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Al Barrionuevo
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 25, 2013

INFHEIST2013001_DC11_LRGet ready to witness the Marvel Universe’s greatest heist…pulled by these guys?

Frank Tieri is cooking up an Ocean’s Eleven heist Marvel style, facilitated by the chaos caused by Infinity, which is an intriguing concept and certainly different for an event tie-in book. Tieri’s voice for these cons is strong, giving some c-list Iron Man villains some personality that they’ve never had before. In a way this feels like an Iron Man version of Superior Foes of Spider-Man (meant completely as a compliment) but with darker undertones. Tieri’s Spymaster is mysterious and calculating, dark and cunning, and while there is humour in the book, the tone isn’t as light as Superior Foes. These criminals mean business and this Infinity heist is a great shot for them to make a huge score and legitimize themselves as powerhouses in the Marvel U. Tieri does a solid job of letting this story unfold and giving readers a solid idea of what these characters think of themselves, and their motivations as these aren’t characters we see on a regular basis by any means. Tieri has a solid hook in this book with just how they are going to pull off what Spymaster is proposing, and what it could mean for Tony Stark afterward and his writing is solid enough to give these characters some life in the Marvel Universe going forward.

Al Barrionuevo’s art is a bit of a mixed bag in the issue, with his strength being his layouts and close up facial shots. There are some consistency issues throughout, with some characters looking awkward at points and several of the male characters having almost identical faces, but overall his work does not detract from the story. There are a couple of stunning pages, and there is a lot of potential residing within these pages. Some refinement and variation could go a long way to making these characters leap off the page a bit more, but as the series becomes more action-oriented and costumes are in play I think this may resolve itself. Chris Sotomayor’s colour work is consistently good throughout the issue and suits Barrionuevo’s style well. This is an artistic team with a lot of potential as shown by the stronger pages in this issue and I think Barrionuevo may be a name we see a lot more in the coming months throughout Marvel books.

Infinity Heist #1 kicks off what could be a really interesting series going forward with a different focus than what we typically see in tie-in books. Tieri’s concept is strong and his characterizations show the potential to be quite entertaining and with some more consistent art this series could really surprise readers. Infinity Heist #1 is definitely worth giving a shot, even just for a different look at how the wide impact of Infinity is affecting the Marvel U.

Verdict: 7.0/10


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One Comment;

  1. jpooch said:

    I enjoyed this issue quite a bit, but kept getting the nagging feeling that it was doing what Superior Foes of Spider-Man has been doing, but with Iron Man baddies and not nearly as well!

    I do want to see more exploration of the criminal underworld in the Marvel U. My favorite part of this book was The Black Market (complete with awesome password). It presented some awesome ideas (especially regarding henchmen… “Hench up”) that would be fun to explore. An anthology mini series with the stories using The Black Market as a central hub ala Sin City would be a must read for me