Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Steven Sanders
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 2, 2013

INFINITYHUNT2013002_DC11_LRThe contest may be derailed, but the kids aren’t going to just sit back and take it.

Or are they? In issue #2 of Infinity: The Hunt, Matt Kindt takes us into some of the inner workings of the Latverian School of Science, and just what is happening there in the wake of the Infinity invasion. This issue moves at a much better pace than the first issue of this mini-series and Kindt starts to get some personalities into these kids, even if they are extremely watered down compared to their “home” books. Kindt does a solid job of showing their inexperience, and the differences between the students of Latveria and the kids from the “heroic” schools. The increased amount of action makes up for some of the inconsistent character voices, and the increased story tempo alone makes issue #2 much stronger than the first issue in this series. The Latverian students bring intrigue and a faint spark to the comic, as well as some laughs which are appreciated, but what strikes me in this second issue is still the lack of energy coming from most of the teens. The Latverians have some spunk, but the characters from the Jean Grey School, Avengers Academy & FF are muted and generic, lacking the qualities that readers are finding in teen-based books like Young Avengers and Wolverine & the X-Men. The youthful energy, headstrong nature, and “joie de vivre” is nowhere to be found here, and it has been shown many times that these kids still maintain their spirits in worse conditions than this. The overall blandness of these characters negates most of the increase in action found in this issue and keeps Infinity: The Hunt from being a standout title.

The increased action is hugely apparent in the increase in quality of Steven Sanders’ artwork. There is a lot more going on visually in this comic and Sanders gets some moments to shine. His pencils are sharper and the pages are a lot more interesting to look at in this issue than the last. His work is consistent throughout the issue, especially with respect to the inking, and with the action looking to stay high heading into the next issue, I expect more quality work from Sanders going forward. Jim Campbell’s colour work is strong throughout the book and helps make the kids in the issue easily recognizable. His style meshes with Sanders’ work well.

Infinity: The Hunt #2 is a middle of the pack book that is still lacking a spark to make it’s mark on the Infinity event and the Marvel Universe in general. The artwork is solid, but the dialogue is flat considering the characters involved and the situation they are in.

Verdict: 6.0/10


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