Written by Charles Soule
Art by John Timms, Frank D’Armata
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 27, 2015

Go deeper into the Manhattan domain and the world of the Inhumans in this brilliantly crafted Secret Wars tie-in by Charles Soule and John Timms.

Charles Soule has been building something very special with his Inhumans work in the formerly known 616 Universe, and that great work continues into Secret Wars. Medusa is the leader of the Manhattan domain and the Inhuman people, working in the service of Doom and maintaining control over her realm. There is a rebellion brewing and Soule handles this brilliantly, using dynamic characters with great personalities to clash with the “establishment”. Medusa is as strong as ever and owns any page she appears on, but Soule rounds out the issue with some great characters in very entertaining situations. Add in a unique spin on the mighty Blackagar Boltagon and you’ve got one hell of a neat Inhumans twist that shows how awesome these Battleworld titles can be. Planet Hulk was a shocker last week with it’s unique and fun take on the concept of Secret Wars and Inhumans: Attilan Rising looks to be the sleeper hit of this week. Soule writes masterful dialogue here and this story is just a ton of fun. I’m all in for the rest of this series. You’ve got me, Mr. Soule.

I mentioned earlier that this is the sleeper hit of the week and a huge part of why I consider it a sleeper is because I did not expect to be so astounded by the visuals by John Timms. These pencils are FANTASTIC and his work is absolutely awesome. Soule writes some dynamic characters and Timms gives them life, and his twist on a spirit of vengeance could be my favourite visual of this entire event so far. He captures the power of these characters and the savagery of the domains of Battleworld and the vast majority of his pages are poster worthy. The action is fantastic, the quieter moments are full of tension and Medusa’s pages, in particular show the responsibilities of being a regent in the realms of Doom. Timms pencils her power well without overly sexualizing her, which is a typical occurrence when the purple bodysuit is the costume of the day, but here she is just powerful. I can’t rave about this art enough, it is amazing.

Frank D’Armata’s colour work cannot be glossed over, as his fabulous work takes Timms’ pencils to the next level. There are many dynamic, lively characters in this issue and D’Armata makes them explode from the page. This art team blew my mind, and when you couple their work with a guy who can write more than a little bit okay like Charles Soule, you get fireworks and one hell of a good comic.

Inhumans: Attilan Rising #1 is a can’t miss issue for anyone keeping up with Secret Wars and I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Soule’s script is excellent, and Timms and D’Armata deliver amazing visuals. The end result is one of the best comics you will read this week, and I can’t wait to see what is coming next.

The Verdict: 10/10


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