Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Jason Fabok
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: December 17, 2014

The virus continues to wreak havoc, patient zero is confronted, Lex Luthor opens up….a bit….and the stakes only get higher in the newest issue of Justice League.

Geoff Johns is doing a great job of writing a very solid team book featuring credible threats for these heavy hitters of the Justice League. Aside from Darkseid there aren’t a lot of obvious foes for a team this powerful and the addition of Lex Luthor (and everything he brings with him) to the League has been a shot in the arm for this book. Johns has got an interesting story going with the introduction of the Amazo Virus and he has crafted an unpredictable and dynamic character with Patient Zero. This is not a riddle that Superman can simply smash and the League (and citizens of the world) will be saved, and that cranks the drama of the storyline up a notch. The cliffhanger final page throws a new dynamic into the mix and throughout the issue I found myself thinking often that this is a really solid team book. Each team member that is involved brings something to the equation and that is a team story done right.

What helps flesh out the team dynamic is how well Johns writes each character. He has a fantastic grip on the relationship between Clark and Bruce, and when Wonder Woman smashes onto the scene my immediate reaction was a huge smile and the wish that Johns had a hand in the monthly ongoing of that title. Clark and Bruce are a great dynamic but Johns’ interpretation of Diana brings an element of fun into this comic, a light that the other characters don’t have, but is definitely welcome in a tale like this. His take on Lex Luthor is adding layers to the character that I never thought I’d care to explore and the dynamic with Captain Cold is interesting. Hell, any comic with more Captain Cold is a good thing, so this comic has that going for it as well.

Jason Fabok’s art is sleek and strong, quality superhero pencils that are rock solid from start to finish. He handles each of the cast members well, and delivers some fantastic splash pages in this issue. This is the big, high profile book of the DCU as a whole and Fabok greets that challenge head on, delivering artwork that is as strong as the script and matches its quality storytelling. Batman fans who are missing Fabok working on Eternal and Detective get some great Bat-shots in this issue and I’ll freely admit that I’m not sure there is a character in the DCU that Fabok doesn’t pencil a great version of. This is a very solid superhero art that gives the book the premiere look and feel it should have.

Justice League #37 is an entertaining issue that highlights some of the best aspects of a high profile team book. Big challenges, big personalities and big action in this one and I’m looking forward to the consequences of the Amazo Virus.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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