Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: February 24, 2016

Everytime I think this damn war has hit its peak, it gets crazier.


You’re ruining my mind, Geoff and Jason. You are ruining my mind.

…okay, that’s out of my system. As you’ve probably surmised from my ramblings and incoherent mutterings, Justice League #48 is a huge, epic comic that somehow manages to up the ante for The Darkseid War. This entire arc of Justice League has been batshit crazy and now Johns, Fabok and Anderson are cranking it up as we continue this act. If you can think of a heavyweight character there is a good chance they are here and if you’re thinking of JL members, there’s a good chance they are juiced up Gods and when you throw the Crime Syndicate into the mix, you’ve got madness. The power class of the characters in this comic is absolutely insane and the stakes rise to match it, with a situation so intense and wild by the end of the issue that I was slack jawed.

Geoff Johns works wonders with this huge cast, maintaining the new God-like attitudes for the Leaguers and continuing to bring the madness from the Syndicate. He makes events occur that have lasting consequences, driving home the magnitude of this event, but also builds some characters. While the issue does feel like being slammed with big event after big event, it makes sense for this Darkseid War and I feel this is Johns’ best writing since the debut of the New 52. This is the big DC team book and by god is Geoff Johns ever making sure it lives up to that role.

Jason Fabok delivers absolutely flawless pencil work throughout this issue, driving home massive events and blowing my mind with splash pages that are exceptional to say the least. This guy is one my top five artists in comics today without question and what he does in this issue is astounding. Johns is throwing some huge events down in the script and Fabok is knocking them out of the park, actually making me gasp at points. Fabok is in the zone and is an unstoppable force right now, penciling unstoppable forces of God-power and it’s just too much awesome for me to comprehend at points. Brad Anderson’s colour work fills the amazing pencil work with even more power, making the visuals leap from the page. There’s a couple splashes here where the colour work is just astounding and I want Brad Anderson working with Jason Fabok’s pencils the same way I want Matt Wilson working with Dauterman and McKelvie in perpetuity. Whoever controls this, please make it so.

Justice League #48 is one hell of a great comic. This is as big as it gets, folks, and if you like team books or major events you have to do yourself the favour of reading The Darkseid War. Johns, Fabok and Anderson are on fire.

The Verdict: 10/10


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