Review: KLARION #1


Written by Ann Nocenti
Art by Trevor McCarthy
Color by Guy Major
Published by DC Comics

Release date October 8, 2014

There are plenty of clear ideas that struggle to gel in this New 52 relaunch of the boy from the Witch-World. There are some quick and beautiful transitions and a full spread that takes the runaway Klarion from his home to Earth. However, the cute references and light banter fall flat without a sense of danger of driving force in the story.

Nocenti provides Klarion several opportunities to show off his powers, however the beats feel rushed and the pages dialogue heavy. Trevor McCarthy’s art is a visual cornucopia. Between Klarion’s initial journey and the ending fight scenes, McCarthy’s style is enhanced by Guy Major’s vivid colors.

This book comes across as it naturally being one where art could tell the story. Instead there is fair amount of discussion that leads to little more than vigilant feelings or two dimensional villain rants. What is clear is that there seems to be a push toward appealing to a younger generation of readers with this book. The low stakes, but higher emotional drama of the side characters has a very CW network appeal. The settings and tone also add to this feeling.

There is great set-up for what the bigger issue will be down the road. It creates a curiosity for future issues.

The Verdict: 7.0/10


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