Review: LARFLEEZE #1

Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. Dematteis
Art by Scott Kolins
Release date: June 26, 2013

larfleeze_21Even those who have not been reading books within the Green Lantern family may be familiar with orange representing avarice (greed.) So, Larfleeze can only care about only one thing: Larfleeze. On the verge of death, with minimal time to spare, Larfleeze spends much of the issue ceremoniously telling his butler/slave about his life story. The words and reality are not completely aligned. This both creates humor as well as empathy for a character that can be hard to care about, due to his overwhelming self-serving nature.

The movement of Larfleeze’s tale from the bias to what is actually true is fascinating, and somewhat heartbreaking. So, by the time his current day action does get going you are, at the very least, smirking with excitement, if not cheering at any victories he gains. There is also an unexpected twist with the orange ring that should have greater ramifications later on in the series.

This first cover for the adventures of Larfleeze, like many DC covers, can be a little deceiving. Here Larfleeze is angry and ready for a fight. However, the third-person-referencing, lone Orange Lantern spending most of this issue pompously giving exposition slows down the pace a little for those wanting to go straight to the action. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of humor, adventure and fun to be had.

The book is filled with lots of orange: from the borders, to ring glow, to the memories of Larfleeze. Colors that would traditionally be shown as bright or dark red have orange tones instead. This adds to the book’s unique Saturday morning cartoon art style that Scott Kolins creates.

Keith Giffen has done a great job of crafting the feeling of an epic adventure around such a small-minded character. J.M. DeMatteis has written witty banter between Larfleeze and his butler that reminds you of a mix between Geoffrey Butler  and Niles. I’ve only been  reading DC for a few years, but for those who need your comic book references, I’ve been told he’s rather similar to L-Ron from JLI . It’s a relationship that long time fans will recognize, love and reminisce with, grinning from ear to ear. For newcomers to the writing pair, it will be a refreshingly lighthearted ride, with still a few sentiments to play on your emotions. You can tell from the first page of credits at the humorous tone DC is willing to take because they literally state on the page, “Really- how much harm can they possibly do on a comic book called LARFLEEZE?” I don’t know about harm… but it looks there is a lot of fun to be had if you pick up this book each month.

I went into reading this book, fully prepared to not like this self-serving lantern. Now, with each issue, I’m prepared to go to the LCS and say, “MINE!”*

VERDICT: 9.0/10

*Did you really think you were going to get through a LARFLEEZE review without at least one reference?

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