Written by Simon Spurrier
Art by Kev Walker
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 10, 2015

It’s a hard time defending The Shield from a relentless zombie horde, but if you’re Elsa Bloodstone, it’s just another day killin’ monsters.

I’m going to say what will be on everyone’s mind when they read this comic: Elsa is fantastic. A kickass lady with attitude to spare, Elsa is charged with helping to guard The Shield, Doom’s massive wall that keeps the zombie hordes from rampaging over the Battleworld. It isn’t the day job I’d be looking for, but I don’t kick ass the way Elsa Bloodstone kicks ass. Spurrier gives readers a look back at Elsa’s upbringing to bring them up to speed on her caustic wit and lack of tolerance for…well, anything. There are some interesting twists in this one, and Spurrier has written a really entertaining comic here. The best part is Elsa, hands down, and her interactions with her new companion are good for some laughs. Spurrier does a great job of making readers empathetic for Elsa and you can’t help but feel bad for how she was raised by Ulysses, her father and famed monster hunter. It’s a layer that takes this comic deeper than “lady kills zombies a lot”, even though there is a solid amount of action here. I’m so over the zombie genre I can’t even stand to see the word, but this character (and her companion) are entertaining enough that I can stand the shuffling masses they are up against. Spurrier has a fantastic voice for our hero and the dialogue in this comic is rock solid. When it was revealed that Marvel Zombies would be an Elsa Bloodstone book I was apprehensive. I didn’t want to see the character become a generic zombie killer, but I will happily admit that she’s as awesome as ever and Simon Spurrier has put all my worries to rest with this awesome first issue.

Kev Walker has had some pretty high profile gigs at Marvel in recent months, working on New Avengers and Avengers as time ran out. Marvel Zombies #1 is the best work he has ever done for the company. Hi style suits this story perfectly and the detail and expressive facial work he pencils with Elsa and her companion is absolutely fabulous. This issue has big action, some gut wrenching emotion from Elsa’s past, and some gross zombies. Walker excels at all three aspects of the comic, and I want him to be a full time Elsa-Bloodstone-kicking-ass artist going forward. An ongoing, a series of minis, any will work. Just give me more Kev Walker drawing these characters in this setting. It clicks, and I can’t wait to see what Walker has for us next as Elsa and her companion travel across the wastelands.

Marvel Zombies #1 is another Secret Wars gem and I cannot praise Simon Spurrier and Kev Walker enough for their fantastic interpretation of Elsa Bloodstone. This one made me laugh and entertainment thoroughly, and I can’t wait to read more of this adventure. Elsa will win you over, I have no doubt about that, and even if you are sick of the world of zombies, this is a must read.

The Verdict: 10/10


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