MiamiVice_Remix_01-prjpg_Page1MIAMI VICE: REMIX #1
Written by Joe Casey
Art by Jim Mahfood
Published by IDW Publishing
Release Date: March 25, 2015

Get yourself ready for a visually wild buddy cop ride filled with drugs, one-liners, gunfire and an angry chief yelling at uncontrollable cops.

Yes, I’ve pretty much described every buddy cop television show that you’ve ever seen, and the the plot of Miami Vice: Remix #1 follows that mold. While this pair of fouled mouthed undercover cops have quick wits, Joe Casey’s script isn’t the highlight of this comic. It is a relatively predictable story that is hiding behind some shock factor and cursing, and let’s Jim Mahfood’s wild artwork do all the heavy lifting. This story isn’t poorly told, but it is nothing revolutionary either and I will freely admit that some of it may have been lost on me as I have hardly any nostalgia-factor from this being a Miami Vice book. Now, story aside, the thing that will get people talking about this comic is the art.

Jim Mahfood’s artwork is a attack on the brain, an assault on the senses that will either delight you or leave you reeling. The hook of the book rides completely on his shoulders, and he damn near makes it work. While the story isn’t revolutionary, there is little like this on the market in the visuals department, and Mahfood brings some serious indie feel to this comic. This is like a licensed independent book, a bizarre diamond in the rough and Mahfood’s artwork will definitely turn some heads and draw some readers into this book. His style gives Miami Vice a unique look and feel in the marketplace and if I come back for more of this book, it’s because of Mahfood’s wild artwork.

Miami Vice: Remix #1 is a generic story told with dazzling artwork. It is the buddy cop tale you’d expect from a book with this title, but Mahfood’s electric visuals give it life. If you are a Mahfood fan, or nostalgic for the Miami Vice characters, I’d say this is a sure bet to check out for you. If you aren’t a fan of the franchise, take a look at the previews out there in the wild and see if Mahfood’s visuals grab you. His work will make or break the book for you.

The Verdict: 6.5/10


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  1. jpooch said:

    My book with bath salt zombies is a-okay in my book

  2. Lance Miller said:

    The artwork kills the book for me. It’s like stuff I did while I was bored in high school, and there’s a reason I’m not a professional artist. It’s just amatureish and flat out terrible.