Review: MISFIT CITY #3

Written by Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith and Kurt Lustgarten
Art by Naomi Franquiz, Brittany Peer, and Jim Campbell
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release Date: July 12, 2017

Escaping the clutches of the twins, Wilder and company seem safe…for now. But as they dig deeper into the mysteries of the map and where the treasure may lie, will they all be able to come out of their investigating unscathed? Find out in this latest issue of Misfit City!

Smith and Lustgarten create a fantastical mystery, filled with ominous hieroglyph-like symbols, prohibited areas to trespass, and a sense of adventure that leaves you excited for the next addition to the series. The characters are fun and add their own skills to the treasure-hunting, creating a well-balanced crew to find Black Mary’s hidden billions.

While I love the entire cast of misfits and their adventurous escapades, I also can’t help but feel bad for poor Todd, who seems to be the only one taking Shuck Fest seriously.

The art is beautiful. I love how creative Peer becomes with the outfits of the characters, especially Karma and Mace. There’s a lot of nice detail in their attire and I appreciate that.

I also love the panels showing off the lighthouse where the band of misfits hang. This seemingly abandoned lighthouse is well-kept by the misfit crew and looks lived in by them, like they’ve been using the place as gigantic tree house for years. I’m not sure what the legal logistics are of camping out in a decommissioned, kind of crumbling lighthouse, but it does create a cool atmosphere and looks great.

The coloring by Peer is fantastic. She adds depth while the characters are in a car, having different shading between the front and back seats. She shows where the streetlights are even when they’re not shown in the art through the way she lights a night scene on the streets. It’s well thought out and a nice detail.

I think my favorite scene she colors is the scene where Mace and Todd are practicing for Shuck Fest. The pink to blue gradient of the background as well as the red palette to Mace and blue palette to Todd look really cool. The orange of the background juxtaposing with the blue palette for Mace during the interruption from the phone call makes the interruption stand out even more.

Read Misfit City. It’s an exciting treasure romp filled with adventure, danger, love, and friendship. The humor and dialogue in general is on point and all the pages are just wonderful to ogle at. If you got the time, check it out.

The Verdict: 10/10


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