Written by Tom King
Art by Mitch Gerads, Clayton Cowles
Edited by Jamie S. Rich, Brittany Holzherr
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: April 18, 2018

Scott and Barda are broken, battered, bruised and near death. They fight a seemingly endless battle against a foe unlike any they’ve ever known: their kid.

Oh, and there’s still that war going on with Apokolips.

As has become the norm, King and Gerads deliver a tale about “normal” life that is exceptionally real, while juxtaposing this slice of life that parents know all too well with a batshit crazy war on Apokolips. The moments where Scott is on the battlefield discussing nap durations and zerberts are some of the most amazing storytelling I’ve seen since….the first 7 issues of this Mister Miracle series. The intense battlefield pages make the panels with Funky and Jack explode off the page, including the most haunting lullaby you’ll ever read. This team knows how to keep readers on edge at all times, one of the many brilliant aspects of this title. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not many comics can take me on an emotional roller coaster quite like Mister Miracle can.

Mitch Gerads’ colour work is always fantastic, but it adds so much to this issue, it deserves some words focused directly on it. The palette he utilizes for Apokolips, compared to the apartment, drives home the dramatic differences between the two lives Scott and Barda are effectively living right now, but he maintains the tension in each so very well. The battlefield is raw without even looking closely at the pencil work, the eye immediately knowing what we’re seeing here is an intense war, escalating as each page turns. I loved his choice for Scott’s uniform on the battlefield, adding to the intensity and boldness of those images.

This storytelling team has an amazing knack for dialling down into the humanity of these hardened warriors, while firmly ensconcing this tale as a New Gods story. Mister Miracle #8 excels at showcasing the insane adjustment that is having a newborn, the harrowing nature of war, and has some giggles spread throughout. This is comic-booking at its absolute finest, folks, and don’t forget: Batman kills babies.

The Verdict: 10/10


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