Review: MONDO #2

Written by Ted McKeever
Art by Ted McKeever
Release Date: May 9, 2012

Ted McKeever’s Mondo is a book that is not easily explained. Every time you think you have a handle on what is going on, he takes you down a different path, that no one in their right minds would expect. If McKeever has a master plan for this comic, then it is not easily guessed.

The storytelling in this book is all over the map. Characters pop up out of nowhere, and we can only assume that they have something to do with the main story. The writing ranges from introspective to action-packed, with no shortage of low-brow humor. There are very few characters in this book that don’t have a mean streak, but in this case, the enjoyment is more the whole of the story, rather than the sum of its parts.

McKeever’s expressionist art style is in full force on this book. It never ceases to amaze me that he can draw incredibly tight renditions of cities and technology, but his humans are always radically distorted. Perhaps this is part of how he views the flawed people in his stories. His shading and detail work are amazing, and almost every page requires a second look for either enjoyments sake, or to see what you have missed.

Right-minded is something that Ted McKeever isn’t, but his ability to tell an incredibly evocative story with seemingly unrelated characters is a worthy talent. Mondo stands tall in his body of work, and for those who follow his career, this is a worthy addition. For those who aren’t fans, this one isn’t likely to win them over. For me, a wonderful book, desiring of multiple reads (probably even a necessity).

Verdict: For Fans 8.0/10, For Non-Fans 2.0/10


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