Review: MS. MARVEL #15


Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 13, 2015

Right from the beginning of this issue, G. Willow Wilson addresses serious real-life topics like consent, manipulation, and rape culture. Kamala was tricked by a family friend, Kamran, who is also an Inhuman. Kamran took her against her will to New Attilan, where an Inhuman named Lineage is attempting to stage a coup. Lineage wants Kamala on his side, and he doesn’t respond well when she says no and wants to leave. Wilson writes these important themes with perfect execution — even young readers will be able to understand how she was wronged.

Wilson also adds superb humor: a page where Bruno frantically talks to his phone’s equivalent of Siri is one of the best scenes in this entire series thus far. Wilson authentically makes Kamala’s world one we recognize: one where we depend on (and get frustrated by) technology, and where teachers get mad when our phones go off during class.

Takeshi Miyazawa, of Runaways fame, illustrates this issue with dynamic energy and smooth styling — check out Lineage’s suit in the first panel of his last page. So much of this issue is running: from the fourth page on, Kamala and Bruno are running full speed on the majority of pages. Miyazawa is a master at capturing motion, so he’s a perfect pick to show off Kamala’s embiggening powers. Miyazawa’s faces all look expressive and never mundane, especially when characters are panicked or resolute.

I like Ian Herring’s interplay between flatter watercolor colors, like Kamala’s olive green jacket, and bright bursts, like red lasers in a Danger Room-like environment or Kamran’s translucent glow. Herring went to great lengths to make the hallways of New Attilan look tactile and intimidating. I like the alternating use of Tiffany blue and matte greyish aquamarine to establish the setting.

Kamala narrates during a climactic scene, “I gave him power over me — power over what I do, power over my identity. No more.” And that’s what makes Ms. Marvel such a wonderful read. In every issue, Kamala is not only exercising her newfound powers more, but she’s expressing agency as a person. She’s a teen whom everyone, from children to adults, can look up to. Lineage drops a major reveal in this issue, and our anticipation is high for where Wilson will take Kamala next.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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