Review: NEW AVENGERS #11

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Mike Deodato
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 16, 2013

NEWAVN2013011-DC11-LR-93f58An ill-timed incursion takes New Avengers in interesting directions as the two storylines of Infinity come closer to merging.

Jonathan Hickman has kept New Avengers a very Illuminati-focused book during the events of Infinity and this continues in issue #11. We get a look at the battle of Wakanda, which is a wild place right now and Hickman writes a very strong back and forth between Proxima Midnight and Shuri. His ability to give characters defining voice amongst such huge casts is impressive, such as the page with Maximus and Lockjaw. A single page seeds an ominous future for this event and provides some excellent background for the events of Infinity #3 & #4. Hickman makes some very interesting choices in this story, taking hard turns whenever I was thinking I knew what was going to occur. The deeds of the Illuminati are beginning to come back to haunt them and there are events in this issue that will very much be in play once this event is over. Such has been the brilliance of New Avengers, stories unfolding slowly with Hickman’s masterful planning and multiple threads that will come together when you least expect it. As has also been the standard of New Avengers, readers will leave this issue with more questions than answers…why did Thanos do that? What does this mean for Earth? Does HE have THOSE? You can’t help but want to devour more after reading this issue and part of me curses Hickman for stringing readers along so well.

Hickman’s script is strong, but Mike Deodato’s art makes it soar. His character work in this comic is fantastic, expressions telling an immense amount of story and showing strength without a word needing to be uttered. Thanos is ominous and towering, Proxima Midnight vicious and powerful, and the Illuminati contemplative in the midst of being overwhelmed. Deodato’s layouts provide excellent pacing throughout this issue, keeping slower moments interesting and letting the big action get its due as well. His art is extremely detailed, even during huge battle sequences, and the grand scope of the events of this issue is handled very well by his hand. New Avengers is a “big concept” book with massive events and Deodato brings massive art to the table to make Hickman’s words fly. His style also compliments the primary Infinity book well, so the locations and characters look and feel consistent across the event, which is appreciated. The art teams as a whole have brought their best to the primary Infinity books and Deodato’s work in this issue is just another stellar issue in what has been an impressive string.

New Avengers #11 is a fantastic read for anyone who has been enjoying the series to this point, and for anyone reading Infinity. Big forces are in play and Hickman does not shy away from shaking things up in this issue, adding new factors into the event and seeding some interesting stories for down the road. This is one of the best books Marvel is putting out and an excellent chapter in this event.

Verdict: 9.5/10


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