Review: NEW AVENGERS #29

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Kev Walker
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 28, 2015

…and, suddenly, the picture becomes a bit clearer.

Well, not totally. New Avengers #29 picks up immediately where Avengers #40 left off, continuing the discussions of the Avengers & Illuminati and mentioning, briefly, the surprising ending of the last issue of Avengers. New Avengers #29 highlights some of what the Illuminati have been up to in the past 8 months before the titles jumped into Time Runs Out, showing some of their attempts to solve the Incursion problem….and their heartbreaking failures. The primary voice in this issue is Reed Richards, and, as a fan of Hickman’s Fantastic Four run, I am right at home with his take on the genius. He adds a weariness to Reed’s voice in this issue and highlights some of the sacrifices they have made during this journey to stop an unstoppable problem. Hickman also plays right into my wheelhouse with this one by checking in on Doctor Doom’s machinations, and delivering some absolutely flawless Doom dialogue. This guy just gets Doom, and there is no comical take here: just pure arrogance and power. How he will factor into this Time Runs Out arc and eventually Secret Wars has my interest piqued, to say the least. The player Hickman brings into the fray at the end of the issue, and his discovery, is going to take this story to some interesting places and I can’t wait. He’s an old favourite of mine who I think has been dealt a pretty bad hand at times and I’m hoping Hickman does him justice.

Kev Walker handles art duties and delivers some of his best Avengers work yet. He nails the tone of this issue, capturing the same look and feel Stefano Caselli did in Avengers and driving that through this issue of New Avengers. His characters are expressive and I was impressed by how Walker evoked their weariness. This crew does not come across a problem they can’t solve, well, ever, and Walker puts that strain in their eyes. The heartbreak he fills the artwork with when Reed is discussing the failures the Illuminati have endured is powerful and Walker and Hickman are a creative team that is in sync with this issue. His pencils are strong and as long as he’s putting out work like this, I’ll be reading whatever book it is.

New Avengers #29 takes the baton from the strong Avengers #40 and just keeps running with it, adding more layers to Time Runs Out and building the momentum toward Secret Wars. These are strong characters that are written and penciled well, and, as has been the case for the vast majority of the run, you can’t go wrong with New Avengers.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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