Review: NEW AVENGERS #30

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato
Release Date: September 12, 2012

This is a really solid comic book. Straight up, New Avengers #30 is a great read with some fantastic moments for some really interesting characters that have seemingly been lost in the AvX shuffle. Luke Cage has been the heart and soul of New Avengers for the past several years and this is a great look at how the conflict is taking its toll on him and his family. Bendis knows this character through and through, and the conflict in Cage feels like it is the last thing for Bendis to resolve before he departs from the Avengers books. I was overjoyed to feel the “New Avengers spirit” in this book. There is a lighthearted aspect to this comic that the primary title does not have, and this group of Avengers (with a mutant full of attitude) is really fun to read. The dialogue is snappy and flows masterfully. The opening pages featuring the conversation between Daredevil and Luke reads exactly how it should: a conversation between a couple of old pals who have seen a lot of crazy stuff go down. These are battle weary soldiers in the fight against evil and Bendis absolutely nails their conversation. As the mega event AvX comes to a close, so too does the Bendis era of New Avengers and if his writing is as solid at the end as it is right now, he’s definitely going to be leaving on a high note.

What can I say about Mike Deodato that I haven’t already? Probably not a whole lot, so I’m going to repeat myself. This art rocks. Deodato uses shadows like few others can in the business and in this issue he conveys the emotions of the characters extremely well. Never before has Luke Cage looked more weary and simply worn out by the conflict and life he leads. Deodato’s pencils are strong throughout the issue and he pencils some really fun action sequences as Thing just lays into some nameless & faceless baddies. As per usual, this is the solid work that we all expect with seeing the name Deodato on the cover.

This is one of the strongest tie-ins I have read in the AvX series as Bendis chose to hang out in the periphery of the ‘big fight’ and create some great moments that readers of New Avengers have been waiting for. The ending of this issue leaves the future of a major character in limbo, and I know for certain I’ll be picking up next month’s installment to find out what happens next.

Verdict: 9.0/10


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