Written by Angelo Tirotto
Art by Richard Jordan
Release Date: March 21, 2012

The second chapter of this series didn’t get me much further to figuring out why we need yet another version of Wizard of Oz. Though the angle of Oz as a horror is intriguing, there’s still a bit “nudge-nudge” to this to really invest me ( Miss Garland?). The writing is quite good and Tirotto has a good handle on developing a horror, but I am finding it bogged down in the conceit of the work instead of just focusing on telling a good story. More effort should be put into making these characters unique instead of using a short-hand that isn’t translating.

Jordan’s art is a good fit for horror. There is more than a little EC and John Severin influence and his story telling is smooth. When the darker material comes in the later part of the issue, he really shines. I think the nighttime is more in his comfort zone than the talking head scenes earlier on. I’ll be interested what develops as the book seems headed in a dark direction.

If you don’t feel you played out the “Oz as __” genre, then you should give this book a look. I’m still finding it a bit too clever clever to give a rave. It’s a well-done book, I just want it to tell its own story instead of making me try to decifer what all of this has to do with Oz. Since the characters aren’t analogues and it isn’t set in that world, the whole concept seems forced onto the story instead of being an organic element. Jordan’s art is worth a look regardless.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Keith co-hosts the We Talk Comics podcast.


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