Review: NOVA #6

Written by Zeb Wells
Art by Paco Medina
Release Date: July 17, 2013

NOVA2013006_DC11_LRNova #6 features the new creative team of Wells & Medina, does the magic and energy of the first arc survive the transition? You better believe it does.

Zeb Wells follows in the footsteps of Jeph Loeb, the writer who defined the voice of Sam Alexander in the Marvel U, and he nails it. Sam continues to be full of energy and completely in over his head, balancing regular teen-at-school problems with the outlandish issues of being a member of the Nova Corps. Wells deftly integrates Nova’s AvX appearances into this issue, catching the character up to current continuity very quickly and easily. Wells’ dialogue between Sam and his family & classmates is excellent. He is a youthful character with spunk rather than brooding moodiness, which is refreshing to read. Nova is like the Ultimate Spider-Man of the 616 Universe and Wells does a great job of keeping the pace brisk and light. The issue does have a lot of dialogue as we explore Sam’s non-hero life, but it is written very well and does not drag at any point. Wells has a great voice for Sam’s mom, a woman who is terrified of what could happen to Sam, but also proud of her husband’s legacy and the good Sam is doing. She is a strong conscience for this teen human rocket, and their relationship was fun to read.

Paco Medina’s art is fantastic from the first page to the last. His style is well suited to this story, and the shift from McGuinness to Medina will be very easy for readers of this title. Marvel editorial made a solid choice by rotating Medina in after McGuinness, as he can capture the energy of a human rocket but also infuse a lot of emotion into characters having regular conversations. Medina’s layouts during the more dialogue-heavy portions of this comic help the issue flow very well and keep things visually interesting when the issue easily could have stalled out. The colours by David Curiel add a huge punch whenever Sam is on the page as Nova, and are a really strong component of the art in this comic.

Issue #6 proves that Nova is in very capable hands with the new creative team and the title is continuing to move in entertaining directions. The balance between hero life and home life will be seemingly be a large component of Nova going forward, and as long as it is written and penciled this well, it is by all means welcome!

Verdict: 9.0/10


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