Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mike Deodato
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 7, 2014

ORIGSIN2014001_DC11jpg_Page1Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato’s Original Sin has had a hefty media campaign behind it since it was announced and now, finally, the first issue is here to kick off the mega event.

Jason Aaron weaves a tale filled with great characters, a good mystery, and some terrifying consequences. Long time Marvel fans know the power of the Watcher and the ramifications of their being a foe on the loose in the galaxy that can pull off a crime like what is found in the first few pages of this comic. Aaron does an excellent job of conveying the gravity of this situation through the dialogue and tone of the characters within. This event that has occurred is as big a deal as there can be in the Marvel U, and it is evident in the interactions of the characters how much fear is in the air due to the uncertainty of what has occurred. Aaron assembles a very interesting, and in many ways unexpected, cast of characters to work as teams in this series, getting all of his pieces on the board in this first issue. The story of the issue is rather straightforward, but still very well written as it acts as the launching pad for the remainder of the series. We’ve got an intense inciting incident, examination of the fallout and a major Marvel character returning to duty. Fury spends time assembling a crew to take on a mission that only he is built for, and that is enough to make for an exciting kick off to this event. Aaron has a great read on these characters and it is obvious that some major $@&# is going to down in this series, which gives every single page a high level of tension. If you’re going to kill the Watcher in the first few pages of a comic, who knows what the hell you’re going to pull next and that unknown element gives this comic a dynamic energy. Aaron has proven with his work in the Marvel Universe the past few years that he can weave a mean tale, and with the cast of characters he has assembled in this first issue I can already tell you I want this team, written by Jason Aaron, to be an ongoing unit in some way, shape, or form. This is going to be a gritty event where a whole lot of dirty laundry is going to come back to haunt a ton of characters, and I’m ready to follow Aaron and Fury down the rabbit hole as they let the secrets fly.

Mike Deodato’s artwork, in a word, is solid. He uses shadow throughout the issue masterfully, keeping characters partially in darkness to drive home the tone of this event very well. His skilled pencil work evokes the feeling that there is something big happening in the darkness and that many of the characters in the issue are, quite literally, in the dark about what secrets are about to be unleashed. Deodato captures the gravity of the situation very well, giving us a Nick Fury that looks tired but knows he is the only man for this job…the weight of that burden evident in his mannerisms and face at all times. He handles this large cast well, capturing their personalities and making these characters immediately recognizable. There is a darkness in his artwork in this issue that sets quite a chilling tone for what is to come, and he and Aaron match up very well as storytellers. Deodato’s style is pitch perfect for this story, giving the gruesome scene of the Watcher’s demise the serious tone it deserves. This is not going to be a happy ride and Deodato’s artwork reflects that very well. Frank Martin’s colour work suits Deodato’s style very well. The muted colours throughout highlight the somber tone and give the pencils a lot of richness and depth.

If you’ve been keeping up with comic book news for the past few months there isn’t a lot in the Original Sin #1 that will surprise you, but Aaron and Deodato tell a strong story nonetheless. This issue feels like a powder keg has just been lit, and the fireworks are going to start flying around the entire Marvel U. This event’s first issue features a very strong mix of interesting characters that are written and penciled very well, with a mystery and situation that could lead to some fantastic storylines. Original Sin #1 succeeds at setting up what could be an extremely strong event, and I’m definitely coming back for the second installment, as soon as I can.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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