Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mike Deodato
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 21, 2014

ORIGSIN2014002_DC11The search for The Watcher’s killer continues as Nick Fury and his crew follow the trail of the rogue Mindless Ones while the teams set in motion by a shadowy figure hunt down other leads related to the killing.

Jason Aaron has a strong handle on these characters and he writes them well in issue #2 of the event. This is a fast moving comic as the primary team chases the trail of the exposed-to-sin Mindless One, a trail that leads to an interesting reveal to cap off the issue. Aaron reveals a character in this issue that is unexpected to say the least, which will keep readers on their toes if nothing else. The reintroduction of some rather obscure villains definitely begs the question of who is really in charge of what went down, and just what exactly is still in motion. Without knowing our primary antagonist the mystery vibe is still strong in this issue, and grows by the page. Aaron deftly shifts between the covert teams and the primary Avengers based team to show that neither team is fully in the know. There are some odd character choices for members of this primary team, ones that made me furrow my brow and ask if they make sense in the current dynamic of the Marvel Universe, but with so many cogs in play and without a firm statement of when this series occurs, I’ll put my faith in Aaron’s knowledge. The story in this issue is paced very well, heavy on action but driving the plot forward at the same time, with great setup for reveals. Every single line of dialogue feels like it could be important in issues to come, and Aaron has created a palpable tension in this issue. Nobody knows what the hell is going on and that is an exciting thing to read. He writes the urgency/panic in these heroes well, their lack of a defined villain obviously rattling them and keeping them off balance. Being that we are only 2 issues into the event it is obvious that this issue is being used to build more foundation for the story but Aaron propels it forward at the same time, striking a nice balance between making the issue interesting in and of itself and setting up the next chapters of the event. It is obvious he is building to something big, and I’ll definitely be following along to see where this goes.

Mike Deodato’s artwork is rock solid throughout the issue. The tone is exactly the same as the first issue, though it was nice to see some of the characters emerge from the shadows a bit. Deodato handles the large teams well and delivers a very interesting look at a magical realm. There is a lot of widescreen-big-splash action going on in this issue and Deodato kills it. Mindless Ones have never looked as dangerous and there is a sequence featuring Fury in action that was laid out very nicely. The story flows very well by Deodato’s hand, his pacing in perfect sync with the script and his layouts are easy on the eyes. This is art worthy of an event this large and Deodato is proving he’s one of the best in the Marvel stable. Frank Martin’s colours give Deodato’s art an extra-rich feeling, taking strong pencils and making the artwork that much stronger. His work is subtle but very important to the look and feel of this comic, and he does an excellent job colouring this issue.

Original Sin #2 is a solid follow up to the first issue. The story is moving forward, there is a very interesting reveal at the end of the issue and Aaron and Deodato are building a very good mystery. The ramifications for the Marvel Universe as a whole are yet to be seen, though it is obvious that the consequences from this series will be far reaching. This is a big story and the second chapter builds well on the first and if you enjoyed Original Sin #1 then this second issue is a sure bet. It’s early, but so far Aaron and Deodato are building a winner.

The Verdict: 8.5/10



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