Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mike Deodato
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 16, 2014

Original Sin has taken twists and turns from the first page, and while the twists are happening constantly, issue #6 has the series feeling like it may not even know which way it is going anymore.

Original Sin #5 focused heavily on Fury spilling his guts to the shadow ops team, bringing them up to speed on his “side job” of being protector of the planet/universe. It didn’t drive the Original Sin storyline forward all that much, but provided some solid background information to help make sense of some of the events of the series thus far. Issue #6 continues at the same pace, except this issue feels like stalling more than anything. The story does slowly progress and readers will (possibly?) get some insight as to why the Watcher was murdered, but the net effect of the entire issue is just a few small steps forward. Aaron writes the dialogue within this issue well, but with so much tension building over the past 5 issues the slow pacing of Original Sin #6 feels like some story beats are being drawn out unnecessarily. In a sense, this issue seems to serve as setup for the final act of the event, and, after the crazy events of some of the earlier issues, that may be why it feels lacking. The final pages of the issue ramp up for what could be an exciting 7th issue of Original Sin, but, for the most part, the rest of the issue could be condensed into about six pages without the story being negatively affected. Only time will tell if there are pieces in the drawn out exposition that prove to be critical, Fury does ramble a lot (somewhat incoherently, as well) but looking at issue #6 itself, there is a lot in here that feels superfluous.

Mike Deodato’s artwork is solid throughout, as he keeps on doing what he has been doing all along. He delivers some great art showcasing Old Man Fury’s age, and a couple other solid splash pages in the issue. Considering the pacing, Deodato keeps this issue visually interesting through some layouts that are slowly becoming his signature style. As he has throughout the entire event, he nails the cliffhanger page, and even though I’ll be happy when there aren’t splash pages featuring the Watcher’s removed eyes all over the place, you can’t help but be struck by Deodato’s art to close out this issue. He’s one of Marvel’s top tier artists, and he continues to show why in this event. Frank Martin colours this issue well, considering how much darkness he is dealing with for much of the issue. He takes the opportunities he is given to give some aspects of the issue some real visual punch, and through his colour work you can feel the power thrumming through the eyes. This is not an easy sensation to evoke, but Martin makes it look easy with his skilled work.

Original Sin #6 is not a bad comic, by any means, but it isn’t a top tier comic like the previous issues to this point have been. Aaron and Deodato have the pieces on the board to set up one hell of an issue #7, that hopefully doesn’t suffer from the slow pacing of issue #6. As we near the conclusion of the series things are bound to explode, and it feels like this issue may have been crafted to be the calm before the storm. If for no other reason than the final page of issue #6, I’m still in for #7 and whatever Aaron and Deodato have in store for this crazy mystery.

The Verdict: 7.0/10



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