Review: PLANET HULK #3


Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Marc Laming
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 15, 2015

Who ever knew that Gladiator Captain America could have such freakin’ awesome chemistry with Devil Dinosaur as they trudge through the most dangerous wastelands ever?

Planet Hulk, with issue #3, continues to showcase what crazy fun can be had with the Battleworld concept. Gladiator Steve and Devil Dinosaur are rampaging through Greenland with Doc Green and that sentence alone is enough to highlight how original this series is. Issue #3 continues the strong trend of the issues that came before it, and this comic still stands out as being one of the wins of Secret Wars.

Dialogue-wise, we do have Steve driving forward like a freight train about Bucky, but his laser focus is tempered nicely by the ramblings of Doc Green. The two characters are oil and water and Humphries writes their bickering very well. Their banter, with the looming Devil rumbling along behind them, is the high point of this issue, and it is wildly entertaining. What makes this issue work for me is how different Gladiator Steve Rogers is from 616 Cap. There is a change in his voice and the way he speaks that cannot be ignored. This is a different character, and being in Battleworld has affected this Steve more than just putting him in gladiator garb, giving him a dinosaur pet and having him still yell out Avengers Assemble! Humphries has made it very clear that while some of the morals and focus remains, this is not the Steve readers have been following for years and that gives the issue a level of excitement. Oh, and there’s a dinosaur that eats hulks. Don’t ever forget that.

The man making that dinosaur look so damn awesome is Marc Laming and he delivers some fantastic work in this issue. The aforementioned bickering between Green and Cap is reflected in the artwork, with Cap looking at Green with utter disdain as Green laughs at Cap’s naiveté. Laming’s sharp pencil work is great during the big action sequences and lighter moments, with his monster designs being a big highlight. This issue features some rock solid artwork and Laming is putting out some of the best art you’ll see in Secret Wars.

Planet Hulk continues to impress with this third issue, keeping things fresh and I am locked in on this story. Big action, an entertaining trio and more Hulks than you can handle, Planet Hulk has been a surprising delight in the sea of Secret Wars minis and Devil Dinosaur is my spirit animal.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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