Review: QUINCE #2

Written by Kit Steinkellner
Art by Emma Steinkellner
Published by Fanbase Press
Release Date: February 15, 2017

“I’m probably just asleep the night before my quince having the craziest of dreams”. Lupe reacts to the fallout of her newly found powers in this issue of Quince!

Kit Steinkellner does fantastic writing in this issue. I love Lupe’s reasonable reaction to blowing up a bathroom last issue. I love that Lupe is second-guessing herself and her abilities, wondering whether she truly has a gift or if she had a brief moment of insanity. I love her relationship with her grandmother; it’s probably my favorite part of the series so far.

They just have such a great chemistry and I’m so excited to see more of it as the series progresses. I love the random side characters that have fun back and forths during Lupe’s quince. It’s cheeky humor with fun nitpicking of semantics. Kit Steinkellner delivers in such a short issue.

Emma Steinkellner’s art works well with her sister’s writing. I love how she draws the people, especially Lupe. I find her lettering to be superb. There’s something so beautiful about it, it feels like the kind of handwriting that a teen like Lupe could actually write. Her choices in coloring are spectacular.

I love the blues used while Lupe tries to find a calm state of mind, the flash of yellow for when she might have used her abilities, the purple-ish maroon as she montages through a wonderful night. It all feels correct for the scenes and I appreciate that. The layout of the comic in general is great as well. It looks like they took a lot of time and care to place every panel where it should be.

You should read Quince. Seriously, you should. The premise is super cool. The writing has been great. The art is dazzling. The main character is really likeable and her abuela is the best. I feel like they’re going to start getting more in depth with the main story arc in the next issue, so that’s definitely something to look forward to. Plus, an issue of this comic is literally eight pages. Are you seriously going to tell me that you can’t read comics that are as short as eight pages per issue? What are you even doing here, reading my review? Go read Quince now!

The Verdict: 10/10



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