Written by Fred Van Lente
Art by Maurizio Rosenzweig, Moreno Dinisio
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: November 12, 2014

Resurrectionists #1 is the first issue of a new ongoing series about a heist that is three millennia in the making. The main perpetrators are Resurrectionists, a group of individuals that have been reincarnated over the millennia and are not only aware of their past lives but can become them. All they have to do first is wake up. Issue #1 focuses the awakening of the Maker.

Fred Van Lente has created an interesting concept here with Resurrectionists. The concept leads itself to interesting narratives and the avenue chosen by Van Lente is a solid one. The story takes place both in the past and the present. With each flashback we learn more of the present and how it will inform the future to come. The flashbacks are not problematic but tightly constructed and essential to the story at hand. The dramatic irony of the story is one that makes the reader wonder what will become of the characters since they know the heist has obviously failed over 3000 years. The idea of the Resurrectionist being drawn to this same heist life after life is intriguing and an avenue that will hopefully be further explored.

Resurrectionists #1 is heavy on the dialog which services as both exponential and character building. It doesn’t fall flat in its exposition, instead it moves quickly and gives a better grasp of the world being created. It establishes a feeling of what the characters are about and their motivation. The eye for details and ability to give each character a voice is present and worthwhile endeavor. The pacing of the story is quick and doesn’t drag at any moment. The story acts as a self-contained story and builds more into the larger storyline being developed which makes for a wonderful move for a first issue of a brand new series.

The art by Maurizio Rosenzweig is dynamic. Every panel on every page is packed full of energy and delivers a punch to the eyes that makes the reader want to see more. The layouts of each page pack the same amount of energy and are visually stunning to follow and provide a great sense of action and suspense to the story. There are moments when Rosenzweig lets loose and provides a crazy, trippy sequence that captures the imagery of the imagination. Those pages are some of the most interesting moments in the book.

The character work by Rosenzweig is great. The characters are all visually distinctive and full of personality. Rosenzweig does a stellar job on having the characters act and display emotions in subtle ways. The acting is accented by the inks and color Moreno Dinisio whose inks renders out depth and provides visual contrast to the world. The color palate Dinisio chose is wide and varied. They help create a visual atmosphere to each time period that lets the reader subtly know they are looking at ancient Egypt, etc.

Overall, Resurrectionists #1 is an action packed adventure that promises heists and intrigue for the future. Van Lente can deliver a script and Rosenzweig and company can bring the artistic goods to help create one of the most unique books on the shelf today.

The Verdict 9.0/10


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