Review: REVIVAL #6

Revival #6

Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Mike Norton
Release Date: January 23, 2013

Revival #6Image Comics’ supernatural thriller has turned more into a head turning murder mystery more than a horror comic.

Understand, there is still plenty of blood, gore and ghosts to keep you from completely understanding what is happening. The first two issues, which made it very clear that the violent party was a “reviver” (someone who came back from the dead.) However, issue #6 continues with the newest murder but does not make the reader sure just whom is responsible. Is it a reviver? Is it regular person out for blood? Is it the ghostly beings that seem to keep to the woods?

There are plenty of arrows pointing in too many directions.

If you have not been following Revival, this is the issue to jump on at. The first few pages are dedicated to summarizing what has been happening in town, and catching the reader up on the unusual events that have occurred. Although, if you’ve missed past issues, there are still some big players that are not highlighted in the issue the way they have been previously. (If you do feel the need to catch up after reading this issue, they’re just $1.99 digitally.)

Then there is Martha. If you do not know, Martha is the protagonist’s sister. She’s also a reviver, and gracing this month’s cover. One reviver has already become violent and this month’s issue raises suspicions upon another reviver. Martha’s behavior in previous issues has not been stable. There have been affairs and youthful jealously that could be to blame. Author Tim Seeley, does a perfect job of making Martha and her choices very unsettling and the breaking point inevitable. So, it was disappointing when her appearance was little more than a cameo and her role in everything for any new readers unclear.

Those ghostly beings in the woods, be they babies, World War veterans, baby boomers or other unknown spirits create one more piece of the puzzle. Before their appearance in issue #3 Revival was just another zombie like story, with a little murder and mayhem thrown in the mix. They are the piece of the puzzle that has shapes and cut outs on all four sides. You’re just not sure where it fits until you get the rest of picture put together.

Mike Norton continues to do an excellent job with the artwork. His partnership with Seeley shines throughout this series. The simple clean lines are included in rough lined panels that often overlap with full-page artwork, creating congruence. This allows the story, with all of its supernatural happenings and characters, keep you feeling out of kilter so that you do not solve the mystery too soon.

Verdict 8.0/10


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