Review: Scarlet Spider #1

Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Ryan Stegman
Release Date: January 11, 2012    

Back in the day, as a younger man, I read the Clone Saga. I was 9 years old and had no bloody idea what was going on, but I loved the Scarlet Spider and hated Kaine with a fiery passion. When I read Point One, however, my more sophisticated mind started to warm to Kaine, as Yost and Stegman made that snippet impossible not to like. Flash forward to me finishing Scarlet Spider #1 and I find myself quite liking Kaine and thinking that this series has some immense potential.

Yost does a fantastic job to distance this title from the other Spider books Marvel is putting out. Yes, Kaine is heavily tied into the Spider world and always will be and should be, but this is NOT an Amazing Spider-Man ripoff by any means. This Scarlet Spider has got bite – figuratively and literally, and the passion and rage of Kaine is heavily apparent throughout the issue. The same ‘great power, great responsibility’ theme is at work, but this Scarlet Spider is not one that plays by the rules. The script is extremely entertaining and I applaud Yost for picking a backdrop such as Houston to carve a new path for this new hero. The issue is fresh in the manner that Marvel heroes haven’t set foot here before, nor has there been a hero quite like Kaine. This is new territory and it’s a lot of fun reading the trail being blazed.

Stegman’s art in issue #1 is amazing. That’s the simple sentence that should define all discussion of the art in this book. It is great. Clean, crisp lines, great locations that aren’t New York and excellent layouts. I’m reiterating myself and becoming redundant, but the art in this issue is simply superb. That said, with a cover showing Kaine looking so badass in the Scarlet Spider costume, shouldn’t we get to see him suited up at some point in the book? I know, I know, if that’s the worst complaint I have then there isn’t much wrong with this book…and that’s the truth.

Pros: Fresh script, fresh location, great take on an old character. Art is amazing.

Cons: I really wanted to see him in the suit from the cover. It’s a ridiculously small contention, but that cover is so good, it was disappointing to not see Kaine suited up in the book.

Verdict: 9.5/10


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  1. NickinDallas said:

    9 years old for the clone saga?!? Good God, I feel like I’m 80.