Review: SILK #5



Written by Robbie Thompson
Art by Veronica Fish and Ian Herring
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: February 24, 2016

Cindy Moon has a lot on her plate right now. While working for a news channel and searching for her family, she’s gone undercover and joined Black Cat’s gang. In an unconventional but effective move, Robbie Thompson keeps Cindy off-panel for most of the first half of this issue. Instead, we see her coworkers and teammates worried by her disappearance. These supporting characters, especially Cindy’s coworkers Lola and Rafferty, fill out the world of Silk and make it feel more lived in.

Veronica Fish takes the same detailed care and creativity she’s pouring into Archie and uses it here. Characters’ outfits are detailed and never feel rushed. I especially like Lola’s sweater and earrings. Spider-Woman herself, Jessica Drew, makes a special appearance, and Fish and Ian Herring do a fantastic job on Jessica’s jacket in her iconic red and yellow color scheme — even small touches like zippers and patches add to the realism.

Black Cat is always a fun character because she inhabits the grey area between villain and neutral. She’s similar to Loki, with a splash of Emma Frost style: more mischievous and proud than outright malicious. As in previous issues, Thompson makes Black Cat the scene stealer with every line of her witty dialogue. One of this issue’s most entertaining scenes is when Silk tangles with another villain, Black Cat nonchalantly stands by, sipping a cocktail. Thompson accomplishes the rare feat of developing a villain as interesting as the hero.

The second half of this issue has beautiful action panels, as Black Cat kicks, whips, and knees her opponents into submission. Veronica Fish’s art feels exciting and imaginative. You never know where Thompson will take Silk next, but you know it will be fun.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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